National Consolidated Corporation

Delta T Coating is a spray on coating which can be applied to any surface that will add a R-Value of 13 at a coating thickness of just a credit card. Excellent for insulating walls and ceilings and can also be used to coat the surface of an engine compartment to prevent heat transfer to the passenger compartment.


NATCON is a distributor of LOCTITE sealants and adhesives, everything from hot



melt adhesives, MMAs (methyl-methacrylates), Epoxies, and Acrylics to ultra fast UV cure adhesives. LOCTITE has a variety of high quality products featuring adhesives that are stronger than welds, FRP sidewall bonding, and exterior vehicle sealants. Choose from Loctite products for bonding, sealing, and structural bonding applications.

NATCON offers full system installation and service of GRACO and ARO pump systems for applications such as hot melt and cold applied lamination systems, roof sealant pumps, foam insulation systems, paint spray and coatings systems, and pumps for heavy mastics such as silicone and polyurethane adhesives.

ChemLink a local company that specializes in supplying adhesives and sealants to the construction industry has partnered with NATCON to develop specialty MS Polymers including: Sidewall Bonding Adhesives and Semi-Self Leveling Roof Sealants to use in the transportation market.

National Consolidated Corporation has been in business since 1974 serving the RV, Cargo Trailer, Manufactured Housing, and Bus, Truck & Specialty Vehicle Industries with ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, and SPECIALTY COATINGS. We are specialists at hot melt and cold applied adhesive dispensing systems for lamination and roof sealant applications. If you are having an adhesion or sealing problem WE CAN FIND A SOLUTION.


BASF distributor of polyurea and polyurethane coatings. These coatings are super durable and have extremely fast cure times of 5-10 seconds. Typical applications include: RV ramp doors, bus and cargo trailer floors, undercoating, and frame coating for corrosion protection.

Spider Glue was designed by NATCON to be a less expensive alternative to the "propane tank" canister glues used in the transportation market. There are now 4 additional specialized products including: NEO, NITRO, EXTREME, & EPS under our Spider Glue Brand. Let us show you how to save nearly 40% over the cost of your canister adhesives.

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