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Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety information.

90-SSL is a semi-self leveling, moisture curing sealant designed for sealing close fitting metal joints and external seams in transportation equipment. 90-SSL is solvent free and safe to use in confined spaces, or with sensitive substrates such as polystyrene foam. 90-SSL unique flow properties allow easy application and compression in metal lap joints and flanges. 90-SSL may be used as an external sealant for slightly curved joints tat transition from horizontal roofs to vertical side walls. Suitable areas of application include: truck trailers, utility trailers, recreation vehicles, HVAC duct work, fiberglass skylights, and agricultural storage facilities.

90-SSL may be applied from caulking guns, high viscosity pump guns, or automated bead application equipment. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture. All application equipment must be clean and dry before use. Open containers must be quickly protected from atmospheric moisture. Guns, pumps, and hoses must be sealed when not in use. In extremely dry environments, local humidification may be needed to initiate curing. Low temperature will retard the cure reaction and heat will accelerate the cure reaction. Optimum application is between 60F to 100F. All bonding surfaces need to be clean, sound, dry, and free of all bond breaking contaminates such as rust, oil, wax, and grease. Wipe all new metal with rubbing alcohol before sealant application.

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