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At NATCON we believe that there are characteristics that all construction adhesives must have in order to be useful and easy to use regardless of the surface on which they are applied or the different weather conditions they have to face.

The most important of these are:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Applicable on vertical walls and ceilings.
  • Waterproofing.

Although these qualities are common to all construction adhesives, there are an infinite number of different adhesives with different particularities.

Therefore, in this post we want to show you the types of construction adhesives that exist so that you can choose the most suitable for each occasion.

At NATCON we have a wide variety of adhesives and glues according to their uses, characteristics and formats. Do you want to know more about them?

Types of construction adhesives according to their resistance, application surface, composition and cure

There are a myriad of construction adhesives, glues and adhesives. Adhesives can be classified into different types according to their strength, the substrate on which they are to be applied, their material or their type of curing.

Types of construction adhesives according to their strength

Hot Melt Supply Systems

Higher strength adhesives

Resistance is one of the main factors to take into account since a higher resistance glue will allow us to glue heavier elements that need a greater fastening.

These can be used in exterior and interior construction. Another of its advantages is its great durability and weather resistance.

These adhesives can bond a wide variety of heavy materials such as slab-type panels, brick cladding or other somewhat lighter materials such as wood, treated wood, etc.

Lower strength adhesives

Lower strength construction adhesives are also suitable but only for light weight materials and interiors. They can be used for plasterboard, paneling and trim. These, unlike the stronger adhesives offer easier cleanup.

Types of construction adhesives according to the surface

Fiberglass adhesives

Because of the difficulty that can be involved in glass construction, construction adhesives should be easy to apply. In addition, the parts must first be prepared by removing any dirt

Specific adhesives for wood

Like the previous materials, the use of wood for construction is usually used for floors, walls and ceilings. Although it is also used for smaller elements such as shelves.

For both cases our Hot Melt adhesives for wood are perfect for their durability and resistance. Other wood glue options include carpenter’s glue and EVA or PUR hot melt glue.

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NATCON provides high quality dispensing systems and pumps – NATCON has taken the next logical step in the company’s evolution to become an expert in supplying adhesives, sealants and specialty spray coatings and spray foams to help our customers improve production and manufacturing efficiencies. For nearly two decades, NATCON has served its customers above and beyond in every aspect.

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Hot Melt Supply Systems