Driving Better Solutions for the Transportation Bus Industry
Driving Better Solutions for the Transportation Bus Industry
Driving Better Solutions for the Transportation Bus Industry

NATCON’s sealants, adhesives and specialty coatings help bus manufacturers increase reliabilityand efficiency.

Manufacturers of commercial buses face challenges to create a safer, lighter weight, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable vehicle. NATCON takes pride in delivering solutions that solve even the toughest adhesive or sealant challenge. Our team takes time to listen and learn from our customers’ challenges – then we overcome those challenges and deliver solutions that stick.

Adhesives and Sealants: Durable, Cost Effective and Efficient.

NATCON offers a wide range of adhesives and sealants for the manufacturing of Buses, Coaches, Trolleys and other passenger vehicles. Our innovative products are ideally suited for your industry and offer many benefits for your production process. Our products bond with many different materials, including glass fiber-reinforced polyester, plastics, powder coatings, composites, wood and metals. Whether for sidewalls, roofs, underbodies, frames, chassis or doors; our products can support you at any challenge.

Bus Applications

Interior and Exterior Sealants
Paintable Adhesives and Sealants
Structural Side Wall Frame Bonding
Bonding and Laminating Side Wall Panels
Carpet and Vinyl Headliners Adhesives
Carpet for Cargo Compartments Adhesives
Bonding Interior Wall Panels
Vinyl and Rubber Flooring Adhesives
Roofing Sealants
Wall Panel Stiffing Coatings
EPS Foam Adhesive
Coating Luggage Racks
Polyurea Flooring Coating Systems

Your Adhesive and Sealant Partner.

Every customer is unique – from manufacturers down to individual plant processes – and NATCON delivers customized solutions for your specific need and application. From the design process to running your first prototype, or even improving upon a flagship product of your brand – our team of experts at NATCON can work through any challenge you face. Contact us to schedule a process or line audit for your bus manufacturing plant today.