Adhesives, and sealants for the Marine Industry
Adhesives, and sealants for the Marine Industry
Adhesives, and sealants for the Marine Industry

NATCON is a leading supplier of adhesives, sealants and specialty coatings to the Marine industry.

The marine industry depends on the safety and effectiveness of the adhesives used in the manufacturing and maintenance of ships, boats, yachts and other marine vessels and products. NATCON supplies a range of marine grade adhesives that offer an outstanding, reliable performance in commercial shipbuilding, repair applications and internal applications for interiors including furniture components and soft furnishings. NATCON’s water-based contact adhesives and structural adhesives and tapes are ideally suited for the marine industry. NATCON has recently begun helping customers with an innovative new technique for composite decking of Pontoon boats, using NATCON’s line of structural glue.


MARINE Applications

Deck Bonding
Bonding and Sealing Vinyl and Carpet to Decking
Fiberglass Bonding and Sealing
Composite Decking Bonding and Anchoring
Marine Seating Manufacturing and Carpeting
Aluminum Polyurea Coating
Weld Replacement and Panel Stiffing
Marine Grade Adhesives

Your Adhesive and Sealant Partner.

Every customer is unique – from manufacturers down to individual plant processes – and NATCON delivers customized solutions for your specific need and application. From the design process to running your first prototype, or even improving upon a flagship product of your brand – our team of experts at NATCON can work through any challenge you face. Contact us to schedule a process or line audit for your marine industry manufacturing plant today.