Smart Solutions for Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing
Smart Solutions for Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing
Smart Solutions for Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing

NATCON is a leading supplier of adhesives, sealants, dispensing equipment and specialty coatings to the Recreational Vehicle industry.

With 45 years of experience, we’ve made it our goal to learn the RV industry, along with the unique challenges that each manufacturer and individual plants face. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that solve even the toughest adhesive or sealant challenge. Our team takes time to listen and learn from our customers’ challenges – then we overcome those challenges and deliver solutions that stick.

Adhesives and Sealants: Durable, Cost Effective and Efficient.

RV Manufacturers are increasingly using adhesives and sealants to assemble frames, sidewalls, structural panels and roof bows made of wood, various metals, plastic and composites. By building these components with adhesives and sealants instead of traditional welds, threaded fasteners or rivets; assembly plants can reduce assembly costs, increase production throughput, distribute joint stress loads more uniformly to improve the build and strength quality of the unit while improving aesthetics.

Recreational Vehicle Applications

Interior and Exterior Joint Sealing
Bonding Roof Bows
Bonding Headliners
Bonding Interior Wall Panels
Bonding and Laminating Sidewall Panels
Shower, Tub and Tile Surrounds Sealants and Adhesives
Structural Frame Bonding
Sealing Windows & Door Frames
Self-Leveling Sealants for Roofing
Bonding EPS Foam Board with Backers
Sealing Fenders
Vinyl and Rubber Flooring Adhesives
Bulk Adhesive and Sealant Pump Systems

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Whether you need maintenance and repair parts on your plant’s Graco or ARO Pumping and Dispensing system, or are searching for the right sealant, adhesive or coating for your manufacturing job – NATCON’s team of professionals is here to help. Offering quality products, parts, repairs, and maintenance, and a customer service promise to always exceed your expectations, NATCON is your partner every step of the way. Whatever the job, whatever the application need – our solutions stick.

Your Adhesive and Sealant Partner.

Every customer is unique – from manufacturers down to individual plant processes – and NATCON delivers customized solutions for your specific need and application. From the design process to running your first prototype, or even improving upon a flagship product of your brand – our team of experts at NATCON can work through any challenge you face. Contact us to schedule a process or line audit for your RV manufacturing plant today.