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Spider Glue NEO is a high quality, sprayable, quick-setting, neoprene contact adhesive that has been designed to produce a strong permanent bond when used with a variety of porous and non-porous substrates. It is compounded for exceptional adhesion and heat resistance compared to typical contact cements. It is suitable for post forming applications involving decorative laminates and provides excellent bonds to all types of rubber, EPROM, Neoprene, and SBR.


Flammable. Keep away from sparks and open flames.


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Keep container closed when not in use. Shelf Life: 6 months in an unopened container when stored below 80 F.


Rubber, Foam, Metal, Partcileboard, Cloth, Decorative Laminates, and many other substrates.

The substrates are then mated and sufficient pressure is applied to insure intimate contact across the entire bond area. If the adhesive becomes too dry, apply another thin coat to only one surface, and then allow it to become slightly tacky before bonding. For optimum performance, adhesive should be well stirred or agitated prior to use. Porous materials such as fabrics, foam, or wood may require two coats of adhesive.

NEO may be applied using a specially designed re-usable pressure tank which is easy to refill out of a 55 gallon drum. Spider Glue NEO may also be applied using a drum pump and spray gun. Purchasing the material in drums is a much more economical and environmentally friendly package. NATCON can recommend this equipment as necessary.


All surfaces should be free of oil, dust, grease, or other contaminates. Spider Glue NEO should be applied in smooth even coats to both surfaces. After application to both substrates, the adhesive is dried until it is tacky to the touch, but does not transfer to the finger. This is usually about 5-10 minutes but varies with ambient conditions. Humidity above 50% will cause slower drying due to blushing. Blushing is the condensation of moisture on the adhesive surface that takes place in high humidity conditions.



Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety information.