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Grizzly Grab Tape DG

Grizzly Grab Tape DG

Sealant Tape



NATCON’s Grizzly Grab DG is a Nano-Sealant Tape that creates a tough, permanent, water-proof seal. Grizzly Grab DG (GGDG) will remain flexible in temperatures as low as -65F which makes the seal nearly thermally shock proof. NATCON’s Grizzly Grab DG bonds to a wide range of surfaces including most rubbers, plastics, aluminum, steel, TPO, wood, fiberglass, stone, brick and concrete. All surfaces need to be clean, dry and free of debris prior to installation. This innovative product can replace traditional butyl tapes and provide better adhesion to your bonded substrates, reducing the need for screws or fasteners.

Available in:

  • Thickness available in 10 mil, 30 mil, or 60 mil
  • Standard width is 5/8”
  • 1 to 4 inch profile availabe with MOQ
  • Custom widths can be accommodated with MOQ

Features and Benefits:

  • Forms a water-proof seal
  • Remains flexible at sub-zero temperatures
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Excellent tack
  • Will not harden or become brittle with age
  • Flexible, conforms to intricate shapes
  • Can be used as a gasket
  • Can be used as a putty