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Grizzley Grab Tape GG-3

Grizzly Grab Tape GG-3

Structural Tape



Grizzly Grab GG-3 Very High Bond Acrylic Tape by NATCON is a pressure sensitive, structural grade solid acrylic tape system designed to provide a superior bond between a wide variety of substrates. The tape possesses a uniform, high-tack, acrylic adhesive on both surfaces and will bond to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates. The tape is formulated to withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without losing adhesion. NATCON’s Grizzly Grab GG-3 possesses instant tack acrylic adhesive on both surfaces with an integral core of solid acrylic polymer.

Available in:

  • Thickness ranges from 0.010” to 0.060”
  • Widths ranges from 0.25” to 18”
  • NATCON’s in-house tape slitter can create custom widths upon request*

* MOQ is required (contact for details).

Features and Benefits:

  • Pressure Sensitive Bonding
  • Solid Composition for easy cutting
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Maintains adhesion in sub-zero temperatures
  • Hardening or brittle resistant with age
  • Flexible, conforms to intricate shapes