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HydroArmor 7763

HydroArmor 7763


H.B. Fuller


HydroArmor 7763 by H.B. Fuller is a sprayable latex coating designed for use on aluminum, fiberglass, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and other common substrates. HydroArmor 7763 is specially formulated with additives to improve adhesion to oily metals, and also provides very good corrosion protection when applied as thin as 10 mils wet.

Testing shows that HydroArmor 7763 by H.B. Fuller is extremely durable under even the worst service conditions. HydroArmor dries quickly at ambient temperatures and will withstand urethane paint bakes after only 30 minutes dry time.

Available Sizes:

50 Gallon Drums

Features and Benefits:

  • High Durability
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-Flammable Formulation (passes MVSS302)
  • Cleans easily with water

Physical Properties:

  • Color: Black (when dry)
  • VOC Content: 28-31 g/L
  • Passes Gravelometer Testing
  • Passes Heat Aging Testing
  • High Salt Spray Resistance