MetaLink - NATCON - National Consolidated Corporation



Neutral cure silicone


MetaLink is a multi-purpose neutral cure silicone construction sealant specially formulated for application in a variety of job site conditions. MetaLink is UV resistant. MetaLink is designed for use with many building materials including galvanized aluminum, metal, Kynar 500 PVDF coated metal, glass, and most roofing materials. MetaLink is available in a wide range of colors to match contemporary tastes in decorative metal roof and siding products. MetaLink is isocyanate free and validated for ± 50% joint movement.

Available Sizes:

10.3 oz Cartridges

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drums

Available Colors: *

* Screen colors are approximate representations and should not be used for color matching.

Features and Benefits:

  • 50% Joint Movement
  • Neutral Cure
  • Will not promote corrosion of metal
  • Bonds to Kynar 500 PVDF coated metal
  • 100% Solid and will not Shrink
  • Weather and UV Stability
  • Multiple Colors Available

Physical Properties:

  • Tensile Strength (PSI): 135 psi
  • Elongation % at Break: 600 %
  • Skin Over Time (min): 10 minutes
  • Tack Free Time (min): 25 minutes
  • Temperature Range: -80F to 400F
  • VOC Content: less than 30 grams/Liter