Phase Change - NATCON - National Consolidated Corporation

Phase Change

ENRG Blanket is powered by Phase Change Energy Solutions proprietary phase change materials, BioPCM. This material absorbs and releases heat to improve comfort in RV motorhomes and trailers. By adding Phase Change to your entire unit, you can see results up to 8 degrees cooler inside without running your air-conditioning unit. Call NATCON today to set up a demonstration on this revolutionary space age insulation.


  • Helps reduce heat on hot days and keeps you warm during cool nights
  • Reduces outside noise levels


  • Plant based, non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • Reduces HVAC power consumption and runtime
  • Moisture and humidity resistant, mold growth resistant
  • Maintenance-free, rapidly renewable, sustainable product
  • Reduces demand on fossil fuel energy and carbon footprint