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Super Glues/cyanoacrylates By HEnkel Loctite

NATCON is proud to offer a wide variety of Super Glues (also known as cyanoacrylates) and Thread Lockers that are easy to use and can be integrated throughout your production plants and maintenance departments.

Super Glues are one-part, room-temperature-curing adhesives that are available in viscosities ranging from water-thin to thick gels. When pressing to thin substrates together, Super Glues bond rapidly to form a rigid bond with excellent adhesion to most substrates, especially plastics. One of the benefits of cyanoacrylates are that there available in a wide variety of formulations with properties tailored to meet particularly challenging applications. NATCON will take the time to listen to what your needs are and offer a custom solution in what we have within our Super Glue Line.

Super glues/cyanoacrylates by henkel loctite

Some advantages of super glues are:

  • One Part System
  • Solvent Free
  • Rapid Room Cure
  • Excellent Adhesion to most substrates
  • Wide Range of Formulas available
  • Excellent Bond Strength in shear and tensile mode
  • Primers and Adhesion Promotors Available
  • UV/Light Cure Formulas Available

Some disadvantages are:

  • Poor Peel Strength
  • Limited Gap Cure
  • Poor Solvent Resistance
  • Bonds Skin Rapidly
  • Low temperature resistance

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