Soda Blast Cabinet

Looking for an affordable soda blast cabinet? You’ll find high quality products that offer superior performance when you visit Soda blasting is relatively new in the industry and is quickly gaining momentum due to the benefits that soda blasting provides to a variety of jobs.

Badboy Blaster’s BB2000LED model is an affordably-priced soda blast cabinet with dual work stations and can be financed at just $115 per month. Like every cabinet available from Badboy Blasters, it is made tough in the USA. Additional features of the BB2000LED include:

– A very generous 29” x 96” work area with front loading doors
– 600 CFM dust collector mounted on the back of the cabinet where it’s out of the way
– Complete side access on both sides of the cabinet
– Internal LED lighting for exceptional viewing
– Super-quiet operation
– 14 gauge steel legs and 16 gauge panels
– Media-filtering floor

The BB2000LED is available in any color. You can watch a video on of this unit in full action to get a better idea of what kind of work it can perform.

Owning a soda blast cabinet comes with a wide range of benefits that include:

– Being able to clean and de-coat in a single step instead of two separate steps, saving a lot of time.

– Soda is the preferred media for blasting glass clean because it will not etch the glass yet provides a very unique action that is effective.

– No pre-cleaning with soda! One of the greatest benefits, perhaps is that items coated with oil, grease or other such contaminants do not have to be cleaned prior to being blasted.

– Re-profiling steel is a thing of the past with soda blasting- unless there is some corrosion that has occurred.

– Soda is considered the top choice for safety as it is not toxic, whether via inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.

– Being water soluble, soda blast can quickly, easily and cost-effectively rinsed away with water.

– With a hardness of 2.4 on the Mohs scale, soda can be used for blasting without damaging the substrate.

– Soda can be used for wet or dry application.

– It’s the most cost-effective way to desist, de-grease and remove all types of coatings and residues covering an item.

Find out more about the BB2000LED soda blast cabinet by visiting, where you can see this model and others. Feel free to contact tech at 330-413-5262 if you have any questions about the unit. You’ll find that compared with other similar products on the market, the BB2000LED is an affordable model that will provide years and years of performance to your location.

Badboy Blasters is dedicated to your complete satisfaction as a customer and as such, offers top-notch support and service before, during and after the sale of every blasting cabinet. You’ll never regret investing in a quality product manufactured by a company that is committed to providing a world-class blasting experience.

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