Suspended Wood Ceilings

Suspended Wood Ceilings

Classic coffers present the ultimate beauty in suspended wood ceilings with the patented, real wood coffered ceiling system. These coffered wood ceilings are available in different varieties of suspended wood ceilings. This unique coffered wood ceiling system introduces added warmth and depth to your space. They come in quick and easy installation designs. Having been made of the best of wood species, they are reliable and durable and comes in a wide array of designs.

Also, they are very affordable and economical. Classic coffers suspended wood system depicts elegance and class and still embraces simplicity. Create your desired ideal home or office using suspended wood ceilings and be marveled at the unique transformation into a whole new look in just a few steps. Suspended wood ceilings come in handy when considering a home renovation or a creative way of reviving a space. Classic coffers offer suspended wood ceilings of many unique styles like the coffered ceilings which also come in different styles, of ceiling designs while providing you endless decorative possibilities, not to mention its remarkable practicality.

Its practicality in design and installation pattern allows for easy access to overhead plumbing, wiring, and other overhead connections. We have experts and professional wood craftsmanship and the best wood product manufacturing equipment and conditions to give all the finished products a perfect finish as well as a long-lasting structure. Each of the components of the suspended ceilings has been cut to size and does not require and reshaping during installation. In this way, the installation process is guaranteed to be easy and extremely time-saving. And no extra wood shavings would be left on site. This promotes a healthy and safe work environment.

Classic coffers suspended wood system of full coffered ceiling can transform your space into an extraordinarily luxurious area. The use of recycled products in the production of these suspended ceilings ensures efficient use of resources as well as constant supply and availability of materials. The suspended wood ceilings have both functional and decorative advantages. Regarding functionality, these ceilings lie beneath the central structural ceiling to close or neutralize the height. As earlier stated, it also hides every overhead connection made below or over the main structural ceiling. Regarding decoration, the suspended ceiling beautifies the space with its different architectural and artistic designs and layouts which adds life to space where it is installed.

They are available in varying colors based on your preference, be it the standard colors or the custom colors. Classic coffers have also made available, different beautiful designs, patterns, and textures of the suspended wood ceilings for more luxury and elegance. You could decide to opt for a full coffered wood system or a mixture of the coffered wood system with the conventional standard ceilings. Several inclusions and panels could also be incorporated into the suspended wood ceiling based on your preference, without overshooting your budget. This is indeed the most economical range of suspended ceilings available in the market.