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Industrial Uses

Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, debris, oil, rust and contamination that would interfere with adhesion. Clean metal and painted surfaces with alcohol or ammonia water. Abraded surfaces are acceptable but must be clean, sound, and free of manufacturing defects.

Ultra Set Construction Adhesive

Typical Properties

Handling and Precautions

Ultra Set construction adhesive is a single component, construction adhesive, designed for assembling metal to wood and metal to fiberglass framing in shear walls, floors, and bulkheads. Other suitable applications include: roof framing in recreation vehicles, trailers, manufactured housing. and other industrial applications requiring speed, strength, and economy. Ultra Set is applied in beads and achieves over 50 PSI of green strength within one hour on metal to wood assemblies. Ultimate shear strength is about 250 PSI or about 3000 pounds per linear foot of bond area. Color matching is available in batch quantity.

Ultra Set is easily applied from cartridges, sausages, or bulk pumping equipment. It's thixotropic viscosity allows it to be applied on vertical or overhead surfaces. Ultra Set has excellent fixturing properties and requires minimal external support while green strength develops. Vertical side walls can be moved or machined in less than 1 hour. Ultra Set is moisture curing and operates best in high humidity and temperature. Cold or dry environments will slow the strength development of any moisture cure adhesive. Because of it's rapid polymerization Ultra Set bonds should be assembled within 15 minutes of applying beads to prevent "skinning over" of the adhesive surface.

Ultra Set will not shrink and may be used to fill voids around bulkhead penetrations or for installing windows and doors. Fill the joint or void and tool to a smooth surface. Do NOT use on exterior surfaces. Mask off areas as required to protect decorative surface finishes. NOT to be used as an exterior sealant. Test all substrates for strength and compatibility. Do NOT use on olefins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or TPO.


Product Description

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further safety information.

Application Instructions

Regulatory Compliance

Optimum temperatures for application are 60 F to 100 F. Low humidity or low temperature retard the cure time. High humidity or high temperature retard the cure time. Ultra Set is a non-slump mastic that can be used on horizontal, vertical, or overhead applications. Bead sizes from 1/16" to 1/4" diameter are used for various bond sizes. Optimum glue line thickness is 15 mils. Do not leave beads unassembled for more than 15 minutes. Bonds can be set and fixtured with nails, screws, or staples until adhesive sets.